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Emporos Research specializes in financial research. Our collective has spent years hunting profitable ideas with a historical focus on cryptocurrency, equities, unique commodities and all of their derivatives.

Who Are We?

Is it possible to predict the future?

Either way, it does not matter. We are in the business of interpreting and anticipating events. At Emporos Research, we guide you and even trade ourselves based on our dilligent conclusions.

Speculators (traders) have been around since the beginning of time. Until the end of time, these players will bet on and against positions (the bets of other traders) by buying and selling various financial instruments (like stocks and options).

As speculators, we forecast a segment of price action and attempt to generate a profit. Once a speculator collects enough data, they take actionable steps to execute (trade) before the charts change.

Speculation is a business and an art. At the end of the day, you either generate profitable(winning trades) or unprofitable(losing trades). Do you prefer to win or lose?

If you prefer to win, then welcome. You've arrived at the right place. Stay awhile.

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What Do We Provide?

At the end of the day, only you can execute a trade in your portfolio. Our goal is to arm you with journals, charts, theses, and raw research to trade with confidence.

As I write this, COVID-19 variants are spreading across the globe; lockdowns loom again while our world is frozen in a state of dark uncertainty.

Emporos Research seeks to show you the light. We provide actionable strategies that others charge enormously high fees for. In these volatile times, success is no guarantee. But, when armed with our lessons and knowledge, you will swim in this market. 

Trading is an art form; we paint profitable lines for members on a blank canvas of uncertainty — join us today and let’s see what you’re made of.

Our Process

Emporos Research offers a variety of tools for traders of all levels. In our Echofin chatroom you will find exact entry and exit alerts daily as dozens of members contribute to a lively conversation. Take a look around and you will find watchlists, newsletters, quarterly reports, and proprietary indicators.

We leave the trades up to you, but with our customizeable toolbox you'll find the confidence to print in this market.
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Discover Our Plans

Whether you are a new trader, intermediate, or seasoned veteran we are confident one of our membership plans will fit your focus

Pay with Crypto

silver Plan

$400  each month

A dynamic starter kit.


  • 5 indicators made for a trader looking to get an edge
  • Mainly focused on price action
  • Full guides to all indicators in the suite
  • Access to Live Trade Section in Echofin
  • In-depth product brochures, guides and video tutorials


  • Fisher
  • EVZO
  • ERSI
  • All Moving Averages
  • Pivotal Reversal Grid

Gold Plan

$1500 For 6 months


Asset Growth and Protection


  • Everything in Silver plus:
    8 total indicators focused on price action
  • Unlock new comprehensive scalping package
  • Includes (Volume Analyzer and screening guide
  • Direct customer services line


  • Everything in Silver plus:
  • Improved Volume Analyzer
  • Momentum
  • Recalibrated ATR indicators

Platinum Plan

$4000  For 1 year

Custom Tailored Advisory and Research.


  • 10 total indicators with Access to every single indicator even prototypes
  • Early beta access for new indicators
  • Includes trading suites
  • One hour lesson with the Emporos Team


  • Everything in Gold plus:
  • Scalpers Pivots
  • Improved MACD

Our Indicators

Browse our suite of proprietary trading tools


Leading Indicator designed for trend-following and cycle analysis strategies.
Emporo Research

EVZO Volume Oscillator

Leading Momentum MOM Oscillator. Fine tuned to fit individual training styles.
Emporo Research

Emporium Moving Average

Multiple customized moving average screeners. This tool offers high user customization to fit your personal style.
Emporo Research

Volume Analyzer

Alerts you to extreme conditions Candle Printer for H/Rdivergences -Ehlres 
Emporo Research

What do our clients Say?

Read success stories from two of our most active community members
Thibauld Axton
I have been a member of many trading groups but I've stuck with Emporos the longest. His group's due diligence and custom indicators (particularly ETrends) are insanely powerful and have improved only my trading. The group is always buzzing with heavy participation 24/7 by traders of all types from all parts of the world.
Mark Ecsly
AKA "Salem"
Emporos serves as an excellent guide. He navigates markets with a combination of logic and sentiment. His indicators are truly a cheat sheet to print money, and the one on one sessions pay for themselves. Emporos helped me graduate from novice to intermediate trader, and I look forward to see what he comes up with next.

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